Empowering Women: The Remarkable Journey of Ms. Edna E. Howard

Empowering Women: The Remarkable Journey of Ms. Edna E. Howard

Meet Ms. Edna E. Howard, a remarkable entrepreneurial and strategic information management professional, as well as a master empowerment mindset coach. With extensive experience in her field, she embodies a collaborative and relationship-focused approach, consistently striving to foster synergy across business units and drive positive change. Ms. Howard possesses an innate ability to swiftly comprehend the importance of leading and empowering women, helping them cultivate the confidence, clarity, and behaviors necessary to achieve their professional and personal objectives.

Although born in Minot, North Dakota, Ms. Howard was raised in Hampton, VA. Having dedicated 11 years to serving in the Federal Government, she subsequently pursued her education, earning an Associates degree in Computer Information Systems followed by a Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology. Beginning her career in the IT industry, Ms. Howard excelled as a database designer, developer, and IT integrator, accumulating over 20 years of invaluable experience in various IT roles at different companies.

Beyond her achievements in the IT realm, Ms. Howard's entrepreneurial spirit led her to venture into managing and operating her own thriving business in the Health and Beauty Industry. As a senior sales director, coach, mentor, motivational speaker, and trainer, she passionately empowers and motivates women to pursue their goals and aspirations.

In both her personal and professional life, Ms. Howard embodies the principle of the "Golden Rule," treating others with the same respect and kindness she desires for herself. Her ability to inspire and collaborate has made her a respected leader in her community. Ms. Howard extends her service through community outreach programs at the Emery Rucker Shelter, where she consults with women and conducts image makeover sessions. She has also been involved in initiatives such as Relay for Life, served as a former co-leader of Girl Scout Troop #8, and held positions as chairperson and chaplain of the Heritage Fellowship Church Women's Ministry. Additionally, she serves as a Stephen Minister (caregiver) and currently instructs in the Christian Education Ministry at her church.

Ms. Edna E. Howard's diverse background, extensive experience, and genuine passion for empowering others make her an exceptional coach and mentor. She continues to make a profound impact on the lives of women by guiding them towards their personal and professional success.

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