Team of Coaches

Anita Young, Ph.D

A highly qualified and experienced professional with extensive expertise in research, evaluation, educational leadership, and consulting. Proficient in public speaking and curriculum development and evaluation. Her professional background includes founding and leading Equity Innovative Solutions Group, LLC, where she oversees operations, and provides strategic planning, program evaluation, and professional development. Dr. Young is also a university professor at Johns Hopkins, with a track record of publications and securing significant research funding. As a national consultant, she offers assessment strategies and research services to educational institutions. Her career also includes roles as a K-12 school counselor and district school counselling supervisor, providing academic, social/emotional, and career counseling.

In summary, Dr. Anita Young is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a diverse skill set and an impressive track record in education, research, evaluation, and leadership. Her contributions as an educational leader, consultant, and entrepreneur have left a significant mark, and her experience as a professor and author further underscores her qualifications.

Kimberly L. Hart, PhD

Brings a wealth of expertise as a transformation coach and esteemed strategic business advisor. With a notable 24-year career, she has adeptly guided organizations in reshaping their climates, cultures, and performance through an array of people-centric strategies. Her proficiencies span diverse areas including employee and leadership development, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, change management, communications, talent strategy and management, and learning and development. During her impactful 13-year tenure at Deloitte Consulting, Dr. Hart showcased her capabilities as a global talent leader, serving an impressive roster of over two hundred clients across various industries and functions. Her role as the National Diversity & Inclusion Leader further emphasized her dedication to fostering inclusive and innovative work environments. Driven by an analytical and results-oriented approach, Dr. Hart possesses an innate passion for generating positive change in every endeavor she undertakes. Her innate ability to inspire excellence in both individuals and organizations has consistently propelled them towards higher levels of achievement. This exceptional skill set has enabled her to exceed client expectations, foster enduring relationships, and provide exceptional leadership. Guided by the wisdom of John Quincy Adams, Dr. Hart firmly believes in leadership that inspires others to aspire for more. This guiding philosophy reflects her unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact on individuals, places, and situations.

Key Highlights of Kimberly L. Hart's Career:

Mrs. Melody Gratic

As a professional business owner and servant leader, boasts over 30 years of experiential knowledge in her role as a Senior Executive Leadership Trainer, Facilitator, Executive Coach, and Business Intelligence expert. Her extensive senior management career has been characterized by her successful facilitation of senior leader, middle manager, and emerging leader development, with a track record of outstanding achievements in organizational strategy, team building, and cost-saving initiatives. Melody is known for her exceptional verbal and written communication skills. She is highly motivated, agile, and resilient, and she excels in creating psychologically safe spaces for fostering open and honest communication. Her primary objective is to provide immediate value, promote collaboration, and share innovative, efficient, effective, and sustainable solutions.

Melody is a seasoned Communications Engagement Resource, Educational Leadership expert, Certified Diversity Practitioner, and Certified Senior Training Professional, with over 30 years of experience managing projects, teams, coaching, facilitating, and training leadership and organizational teams on both national and international scales.

Mrs. Valerie Ashford Brown

An accomplished professional based in the Washington, DC metro area, is a beacon of transformation and empowerment. As a certified professional coach, dynamic speaker, and adept workshop facilitator, Valerie is committed to igniting positive change within individuals, inspiring them to lead with purpose across their corporate, communal, and career spheres. At the core of Valerie's impactful journey lies her own path of self-discovery and growth. This personal evolution fuels her unwavering dedication to guiding clients on the path to authentic leadership and heightened emotional intelligence. Through her holistic partnership approach, she empowers individuals with clarity, direction, and unwavering support. Valerie bridges the gap between present realities and aspirational futures by skillfully identifying growth opportunities, setting ambitious objectives, and providing steadfast accountability. In this manner, she empowers her clients to achieve their loftiest ambitions and turn dreams into reality. Valerie's profound belief in the innate brilliance within each individual radiates through her work. She champions the uniqueness of every person, recognizing that within them lies an untapped reservoir of talents and gifts waiting to be illuminated. Throughout her career, Valerie has embraced a human-centered coaching methodology that stands as a transformative game-changer. Her journey has been enriched by a Master of Arts degree in Management/Leadership with a specialization in Organizational Development, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Winthrop University.

Ms. DeNesha Tellis (VOE Teaming Partner)

CEO, The Tellis Group has an illustrious and extensive career in the realm of corporate communications, with a specialization in the critical domains of leadership and change management communications. Her professional journey revolves around providing invaluable support to organizational leaders striving to empower and engage their teams, foster alignment around shared objectives, and cultivate high-performance work cultures. With a rich and diverse communications background, DeNesha's experiences encompass roles as a journalist and key communications positions at the esteemed global professional services firm, Deloitte. She has masterfully crafted communications strategies for a range of industries, including healthcare, technology, education, financial services, and human services, thereby enabling leaders to excel within their fields. She is certified as Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner from Prosci, Inc. DeNesha's communication prowess is deeply rooted in her formal training as a journalist, which uniquely equips her to bring compelling narratives to the forefront.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Crafting Change Management Strategies and Executing them with Precision
  • Crafting Effective Organizational Communications
  • Nurturing Stakeholder Engagement
  • Guiding Leadership Development Initiatives
  • Providing Executive Coaching
  • Developing Compelling Course Content
  • Leading Dynamic Group Facilitation
  • Fostering Collaborative Team Building

“Therefore Encourage One Another and Build Each Other Up, Just as in Fact You Are Doing” - 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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